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Return to Live Poker (pt. 7: The Summer Begins)

Stoic Poker Summer Live Poker
Can Stoic Make His Bankroll Endless This Summer?

Yo everybody. If you have been reading along you know I have been coming back to live poker after many years off. At first it was looking like it would be easy, then I hit a downswing that I have already written about.

That downswing led me to take a break and study my weaknesses. This blog is not a deep dive into NLH strategy, so I won't go deep I into what my study revealed about my game, but needless to say, some obvious things needed fixing.

Once I identified the areas that needed improvement, I went to work. I set up spots that echoed my problems in Gto Wizard to train. I talked with much smarter friends to see what they thought causes/solutions might be. I also watched content from courses I've taken that related to my weak areas.

I also had to review my hands from the downswing to find my leaks, so I also saw just how horrendous I had been running. Two pairs should be good sometimes... not never ever ever, lol.

I finally returned to the game after a month off and it felt pretty easy again. I rambled off 8 winning sessions in a row. Most of which started with tough spots that I lost, followed by a steady grind back to profit.

Translation: My two pairs are still no good, but I lose the minimum now, and maxing value when I can... and bluffing obv spots.

I thought I was going to cruise to an easy profitable summer, but there were still challenges to come. 8 wins in a row had set me up with too much pride and not enough discipline, and I didn't know it at the time but my next bad session was going to bring back everything I had tried to push away in my mind after the downswing.

Check back next time to hear about my first reality check after returning from the poker hospital.



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